Our Team

Keith Higgins

Keith Higgins is the creative and technical brain behind The Cape Art Company's backdoors. He is also the Director that is steering The Company. He is a Textile Engineer with years of experience in the manufacturing of textiles and has a flair with home decor.

Bruce Handley

Bruce Handley is the numbers-guy in The Cape Art Company's equation and together with Keith, a Director in The Company. Bruce has years of experience in accounting and has been partnering with Keith to run a textile manufacturing company. He also has a love of art and a plays a role in the creative input needed for The Cape Art Company.

Helena Higgins
General Manager

After many years in her career as Radiation Therapist and Lecturer, Helena has diverted her organizational skills and energy to build The Cape Art Company brand and run the business. She also has a creative background in photography and writing and enjoys the outdoors with her family and friends. She currently deals with any art or printing related queries and endeavors to accommodate requests for printing and design that is within The Company’s scope.

Sabina Handley
Social Media & Marketing Manager

Sabina studied Fashion Design and Art and is currently using her passion for home décor to manage our content creation for our social media pages. She adores creating beautiful spaces with her creative eye for style and décor and will be taking The Cape Art Company’s marketing campaigns into the future. When she is not interacting with our followers, she is the very busy mother of 3 and a top-notch cook that brings lovely Bulgarian cuisine to the mix.

Tina Bredenhann
National Sales Representative

With her vast experience in wholesale, online wholesale and online retail orders, Tina’s sales experience places her in the ideal position to build The Cape Art Company brand and see to the implementation of new business systems to improve our trading and wholesale systems. She is responsible for customer service and sales to wholesale clients, with a focus is on brand development. When she is not sealing the deal, you will probably find her training for her next Comrades Marathon on the road or relaxing with her beautiful family.

Kim Thunder
Photographic Artist and Advisory Photographer

Kim Thunder is a Professional Photographer with years of experience in both outdoors and studio photography. His work is available on the webpage and features photographic prints of work done all over the world. He is an active part of The Cape Art Company team and is constantly working on new themes to photograph for our Wood Art. His experience also qualifies him to give advice to The Cape Art Company with regards to our photographic needs.

Pieter Smith
Graphic Designer and Digital Artist

Pieter is an all-round creative. He has been an artist ever since he could hold a pencil. He studied Graphic Design and Multimedia & Web Development (CTU). Pieter is our creative behind the scenes – getting our beautiful designs print-ready and designing photographic art to print on our products. With years of graphic design under his belt he also pursues other artistic expressions like photography and illustration. When he is not sketching or painting in his free time, you will probably find him outside rock climbing, skateboarding, slacklining or re-watching anything Star Wars.