All designs on this website is the collective intellectual property of The Cape Art Company. Copying of the designs is a legal infringement in terms of the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 and can lead to legal prosecution.

The Cape Art Company is not responsible for comments, discussions or opinions of participants on our social media pages, which includes Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and cannot be legally liable for such opinions.

The Cape Art Company is not liable for damage or injury incurred during the installation or hanging of the Wood Art. We can provide a system for the hanging of the Wood Art that is for sale.

Please note that, due to the intrinsic characteristics of the wood used to manufacture the canvasses, every print has the potential to look different from the images displayed on the webpage. The Cape Art Company will strive to produce artwork identical to the actual design, but there might be slight differences in colour and texture. Every canvass has wood knots, colourations and slight imperfections, which is why our art is unique and earthy.